The overstock market and our commitment to adding value

By Tanjila Islam, CEO and Founder, TigerTrade

‘Always add value.’

This is a personal mantra of mine, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the values on which I founded TigerTrade.

We have breadth in covering apparel, footwear, beauty, toys and fashion overstock across the globe, but our depth comes from the value we contribute to each step of the process.

These unique end-to-end value-adds include:

Verifying suppliers: Every single supplier that we approve goes through a detailed reference and vetting process

Authentication: We authenticate all stocklots and products to ensure the order is correct and true to description

Sourcing inventory: Our current, and growing, supplier base is 60 trusted suppliers across the globe. We share updates via the TigerTrade Daily Deals and also directly work with buyers to help them connect and source relevant stocklots and to fulfil ‘wishlists’

Logistics and shipping: We understand every aspect of shipping and fulfilment, including the complex paperwork behind international overstock deals.

Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, you may not need all of our services, but we understand the whole of our market and know that adding value is key to our success – and the success of our customers.

Want to learn more about how we work, our values and how we could help your business? Join me on September 8th or September 28th for an inside look to our business and how we help our customers succeed.